About Us

Prime Events and Awards is an esteemed organization dedicated to organizing international business class events and prestigious Prime Awards. With a focus on excellence, innovation, and recognition, we bring together industry leaders, professionals, and visionaries from around the globe to celebrate achievements and drive progress in various sectors.

At Prime Events and Awards, we understand the significance of creating platforms that foster networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration. We strive to curate exceptional events that provide unparalleled opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect, engage, and showcase their expertise on an international stage.

Introducing the International Prime Awards, established in 2022 with the purpose of recognizing and honoring exceptional achievements in various domains worldwide. This prestigious event celebrates the most innovative Companies, Professionals, and Individuals who have demonstrated outstanding performance across a comprehensive range of categories, encompassing internal communications to public relations. By encompassing such a broad scope, the International Prime Awards ensures that accomplishments in all fields are duly acknowledged.

Heading Prime Events LLC, the driving forces behind this endeavor are Sujany Rodrigues and Daniel Salter. Building upon the success of SUDACO, a consultancy firm for higher education professionals that was launched in 2020, Sujany and Daniel established Prime Events LLC in the United States. This company serves as the host for the esteemed International Prime Awards and convocation ceremonies, bringing together professionals from around the globe. Leveraging their extensive experience in managing diverse business entities, their primary objective is to provide unparalleled solutions to clients while upholding respect and unmatched execution.

At the core of our Awards lies an element of healthy competition, for without it, the pursuit of excellence would lose its meaning. Our judging process ensures robustness and transparency, guaranteeing that each participant is evaluated solely based on merit. As our reputation grows, so does the prestige associated with winning our accolades, attracting an increasing number of high-quality companies aspiring to achieve triumph through their participation.


Prime Events LLC, is Co-Founded by Sujany Rodrigues and Daniel Salter.
Together in 2020 founded Sudaco Group a successfully consultancy company based in India.

Sujany Rodrigues

Founder & Managing Director

With her charisma, dedication and passion, Sujany has earned the respect and trust of her clients. In 2022 founded Prime Events LLC.

Daniel Salter


With Live Events and Theatre under his belt, along with his approach to clients and work ethics, was a perfect fit to head Prime Events LLC.

Global Advisory Board

H.E Dr. O. Favour AYODELE

Founder / Chairman BoT AIRO, Vice -President World Economic Forum, West Africa, Asia Africa, WEFAA

Dr HC J Eliselma De Los Rios Aveldano

Cultural Director of  WOFP for Mexico, Central America and Caribbean Countries

Sharath Kumar Basavaraju

Founder and CEO Sequence Media House

Dr. Usman Zafar

Executive Chairman at World Business Hub(WBH) President at IBU Investments LLC

Dr. Alicia Culbert

Independent Advisor/Consultant Dubai/Thailand